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Web Design Tips

Ensure your page does not have visual clutter [e.g., lots of graphics, photographs or animated gifs] that would draw the visitor’s eyes away from the most important part of the page.

Keep paragraphs short

On most Web sites, a single paragraph should be no more than five to six lines.

Website Photos

Use professional photos on your website to get your message across. Show your visitors that by investing in professional photography.

Design every page as a landing page

Your website should be designed in such a way that whatever page a visitor lands on. Key information is there.

Logo on your website

Your logo should be placed on the upper left corner on your website. It’s also important to link your logo back to your home page so that visitors can easily navigate to it.

Graphic Design Tips

Design to tell a story

Great design is less about decoration and more about communication. Your design should send a message and get a point across effectively.

Design Contrast

Contrast is a great way to get your graphic design to stand out. It’s good practice use contrasting colours, particularly when choosing your background colour and the colour of any fonts or graphics.

Pick a color scheme

A good colour scheme will make your designs easy to read and navigate. It’s always a good idea to have 2 – 3 main colours in your design.

Keep it simple

A cluttered design is overwhelming. Make sure you have a reason to use every design element, and keep the number of fonts, colours, shapes and frames to a minimum.

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